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Ukulele, guitar and original lyrics comprise the majority of The Maybe Sometimes' set list.

The Ashland duo includes Bekkah McAlvage, 29, and Sage Meadows, 32. Both women sing, play the guitar and the ukulele and do harmonies on every song.

Their music incorporates sounds of Americana, folk and country, "and 90 percent of the music we do is original music," Meadows said.

Meadows and McAlvage met through a mutual friend in 1997 when they were both students at Southern Oregon University. Meadows majored in music, and McAlvage in art. About four years later, McAlvage approached Meadows with some songs she had written.

"She always wrote poetry and then she wrote songs, and they were really good," Meadows said.

"I said, 'I guess we better teach you guitar.'"

MS-MT.jpgThe duo began performing regularly three years ago. They can often be heard at Evo's Coffee Lounge, Downtowne Coffee, Liquid Assets, festivals and benefit events.

"It turns out we sounded really good together, and we kept playing together," Meadows said.

"It's more than a hobby, but it's hard to make it our one and only profession, but we would love that," Meadows said.

Both women share a knack for writing music and lyrics and each has written about 50 songs. Some of their most faithfully played songs include: "Bellingham Boys," "Settle Down" and "Sarah."

Last year, the duo released their first album, The Maybe Sometimes, comprising 17 of their newest songs. The CD also featured lead guitarist Jeremy Hickman and "Washtub" David Hampton.

The Maybe Sometimes are already compiling songs for a new album to be released before next spring, which will feature only the duo, their ukuleles, their guitars and their voices.

"We find that playing in a duo is more versatile and makes it more simple — clean and intentional," McAlvage said.

The pair take turns playing ukulele and guitar in order to keep the music fresh.

"The ukulele is easy to transfer your knowledge from the guitar, and I really liked the sound," McAlvage said. "I feel like it added some texture to our sound."

Although the duo will stay based in Southern Oregon, they will tour through Eugene and Portland in March.

The women also share a mutual respect for American roots musicians such as Lefty Frizzell and Emmylou Harris, as well as contemporary artist, Jolie Holland.

"We both had very similar tastes in music," Meadows said. "It was really easy to mesh our styles together."

- Medford Mail Tribune